Today I am very excited to have Fleur McDonald as my guest as part of the blog tour for her latest novel, Sapphire Falls. Libretto Reviews, togheter with many other fellow australian bloggers and websites, will host for sixteen days exclusive contents as guest posts, interviews, reviews and much more to let you guys know more about Fleur's new page turner and exciting new novel.
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It's January and Fjällbacka sleep under a thick coat of snow. A confused girl wander in the woods. She is badly wounded and proceeds stumbling barefoot, her eyes like two blacks holes on a pale face. Her wanders ends when, reaching the road, a car run her over, killing her.

Camilla is back and once again she uses the same deadly mix: gruesome atrocities, familiar characters, incredible twists. THE ICE CHILD, ninth book of Fjallbacka series, tells a story that originated in the deepest darkness ..

MARKED FOR LIFE by Emelie Schepp (Jana Berzelius #1)

The astounding success ofNordic thriller continues unabated and I, like many other passionate readers, I can't be happier. The debut of the talented (and very beautiful) Swedish writer Emelie Schepp, landed in the United States where, despite fierce criticism related to poor quality of translation from Swedish, is having a huge succes.
MARKED FOR LIFE, the first installment of the trilogy of Jana Berzelius, the icy and mysterious Public Prosecutor and protagonist of the series, is set in Sweden. An intricate and chilling procedural thriller that turns the spotlight on an extremely hot and actual topic in Europe at the moment: illegal immigration and human trafficking.