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Sleeping Giants is a debut novel of Sylvan Neuvel. The first book of Themis Files series. that will hit the shelves on April 2016. It is described as in between WWZ and the Martian but, since I haven't read any of them I would compare this book with what I know better. This is a mix between X-files and Fringe tv shows. How cool is that?
What first caught me was the cover, simple and captivating with this beautiful turquoise colored square with that strange symbol in the middle. Sleeping Giants is a mix of sci-fi and fantasy with political involvement, a mad scientist, mythology and lots of conspiracy.

Greetings! Today I want to talk about one of the best books of 2015 and one of my all time favorite. "The Ice Twins" by S.K.Tremayne published by Harper Collins . Intrigued by the hype that was around this novel I decided to read the book . The day after, at dawn , I was still awake,  curled up in my bed (and totally terrified) . The Ice twins is a publishing event, debut novel of the english writer, and mother of two twin girls, S.K.Tremayne.