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Not even 10 minutes have passed since I read the last page of "Burial Rites" by Hannah Kent, published by Picador here in Australia, and I am already here to put on words my feelings.This book is wonderful! Hannah Kent is a young Australian writer and "Burial Rites" is her debut novel who earned the win of numerous awards.The book told about the story of Agnes Magnúsdóttir, that is unfortunately based on real events.Her has been the last execution in Iceland along with that of Fridrik Sigurdsson, both charged with the murder of Natan Ketilsoon and Petur Jonsson in 1829.The book is enriched in fact, at the beginning of each chapter , with official records, letters and legal transcriptions.The Icelandic Influeces a lot the reading, with names and places that have been left in the original language and which I assume to be quite difficult to pronounce correctly.I have also listened to the audiobook where the names are being read with the correct pronunciation and that help to make the setting more realistic and reading more smoothly.