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It's January and Fjällbacka sleep under a thick coat of snow. A confused girl wander in the woods. She is badly wounded and proceeds stumbling barefoot, her eyes like two blacks holes on a pale face. Her wanders ends when, reaching the road, a car run her over, killing her.

Camilla is back and once again she uses the same deadly mix: gruesome atrocities, familiar characters, incredible twists. THE ICE CHILD, ninth book of Fjallbacka series, tells a story that originated in the deepest darkness ..


Jonas Jonasson striked again, with his winning mix of commedy and improbable characters. First we got the story of the century-old man who fled from the nursing home, then came the story of a South African illiterate who came to send a nuclear bomb to Sweden. Now we heve got the insane story of a concierge, a priest and an gangster. HITMAN ANDERS AND THE MEANING OF IT ALL published by HarperCollins Australia, is Jonas Jonasson's latest hilarous novel.

Well well well, Ashley Bell. Who is Ashley Bell?

560 pages that Koontz packed full of action, in a book were there is not lack of twists until the very last page . I am not gonna make spoilers but if you don't like paranormal thriller don't read Ashley Bell. I liked it exactly because I love fantasy/paranormal and I was favourably surprised by this unexpected turn. The Times said that Koontz is " the master of suspense" and I couldn't agree more.