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For the first time I read a book where the events are not important, but  it’s  the people, their ideals and thoughts that stand out. At the age of 74 the feminist author Florence Gordon lives life as she pleased, always ready to fight for something she believes in, to say what she thinks without sentimentalists, sharpness and witticism. But she is also a  bitch. 

“In the Unlikely Event” is the latest highly anticipated book written by the US author Judy Blume published by Knopf in 2015. Acclaimed for his achievements in the field of young adult novels , Blume decided this year, at age 77, to pursue a new challenge with the publication of his first novel addressed to an adult audience.  In “In the Unlikely Event” is based on true events happened during the author teenage years, when between December and February 1952, three planes crashed on her hometown, Elizabeth (New Jersey)  killing 118 people.