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It's January and Fjällbacka sleep under a thick coat of snow. A confused girl wander in the woods. She is badly wounded and proceeds stumbling barefoot, her eyes like two blacks holes on a pale face. Her wanders ends when, reaching the road, a car run her over, killing her.

Camilla is back and once again she uses the same deadly mix: gruesome atrocities, familiar characters, incredible twists. THE ICE CHILD, ninth book of Fjallbacka series, tells a story that originated in the deepest darkness ..


While on the other side of the globe spring starts to warm up the air, here in Australia this morning I woke up with a scent of winter in the air. In Brisbane mornings and nights are getting cooler and I have not missed the chance to open all the windows, get me a cup of tea and wear my very first jumper of the season! Now that I am confortable and happy sipping tea, I want to tell you about my last reading.  I'm talking about BLACK-EYED SUSANS by Julie Heaberling published by Penguin Books Australia.