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am a fan of Mitchell work, just put his name on a book and I am sold . The book is published by RandomHouse just in time for Halloween in a date that is not left to chance. Trust me, this is THE book you want to spend a stormy night with curled up under the covers feeling the chills through the spine. Definitely one of the best spooky stories of my all life. After reading online enthusiastic reviews about “Slade House” I had really high expectations and I am pleased to say, I wasn’t disappointed. 

Today I want to talk about my last reading “The Graveyard Book” by Neil Gaiman. Author of many other amazing books like The Ocean at the end of the LaneStardustNeverwhereCoraline and American Gods, which are just a few of the huge amount of works published by this bizarre author. Gaiman is also one of the most active authors on Twitter (@neilhimself) that I suggest you to follow.
Amazon put this in the category of Children’s Literature , but I think it is rather a book for everyone. Bod is a special kid, incredibly bright and curious grown in particular surrounding that told us is story and give us a lesson of life. 

Having read and loved To Kill a Mockingbird, it was difficult to review GSAW as a standalone story and not as sequel. Compared to the masterpiece that earned Lee the Pulitzer,  I reckon that many scenes are redundant and could safely be omitted, many speeches instead of dialogues and so many long digressions that are difficult to be read without get bored or confused. I had much difficulty to appreciate it, I do not have a good memory.

Read  David Mitchell’s book fills my head and gives me satisfaction. In “The Bone Clocks” as well as in the much more famous, and my absolute favorite “Cloud Atlas”, the story is not linear, but rather arranged in a concentric structure. It is six stories, each set in different moments of Holly Sykes’s life , in a span of time from 1984 until 2043. And it is the time, its flow, which constantly stand in the  background of this story.

Greetings! Today I want to talk about one of the best books of 2015 and one of my all time favorite. "The Ice Twins" by S.K.Tremayne published by Harper Collins . Intrigued by the hype that was around this novel I decided to read the book . The day after, at dawn , I was still awake,  curled up in my bed (and totally terrified) . The Ice twins is a publishing event, debut novel of the english writer, and mother of two twin girls, S.K.Tremayne. 

After the abduction of his 8 years old son Ben, the sense of guilt for Rachel is overwhelming. A moment of distraction will change the lives of many and many lives will be turn upside-down because of that single moment. Is Rachel a bad mother? The events flows marked by the use of police technical terms and the first-person accounts of Rachel and of the Agent Clemo, head of the investigations. A bleak atmosphere , made overwhelming and frustrating with steaks presence of media, that light every step and that seems to have already decided a culprit: Rachel. Where is Benedict Finch? A series of suspected more or less credible, but never predictable, a sequence of events that will keep you sitting on the edge of the chair and suck every thought to discover that we all have something to hide.

“In the Unlikely Event” is the latest highly anticipated book written by the US author Judy Blume published by Knopf in 2015. Acclaimed for his achievements in the field of young adult novels , Blume decided this year, at age 77, to pursue a new challenge with the publication of his first novel addressed to an adult audience.  In “In the Unlikely Event” is based on true events happened during the author teenage years, when between December and February 1952, three planes crashed on her hometown, Elizabeth (New Jersey)  killing 118 people.