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It's January and Fjällbacka sleep under a thick coat of snow. A confused girl wander in the woods. She is badly wounded and proceeds stumbling barefoot, her eyes like two blacks holes on a pale face. Her wanders ends when, reaching the road, a car run her over, killing her.

Camilla is back and once again she uses the same deadly mix: gruesome atrocities, familiar characters, incredible twists. THE ICE CHILD, ninth book of Fjallbacka series, tells a story that originated in the deepest darkness ..

MARKED FOR LIFE by Emelie Schepp (Jana Berzelius #1)

The astounding success ofNordic thriller continues unabated and I, like many other passionate readers, I can't be happier. The debut of the talented (and very beautiful) Swedish writer Emelie Schepp, landed in the United States where, despite fierce criticism related to poor quality of translation from Swedish, is having a huge succes.
MARKED FOR LIFE, the first installment of the trilogy of Jana Berzelius, the icy and mysterious Public Prosecutor and protagonist of the series, is set in Sweden. An intricate and chilling procedural thriller that turns the spotlight on an extremely hot and actual topic in Europe at the moment: illegal immigration and human trafficking.

REVIEW: BLOOD WEDDING by Pierre Lemaitre

A parcel came a few weeks ago with a new Australian publishing proposal, the new book by an author I'd never heard before: Pierre Lemaitre. Not sure if I fancy french authors but I get curious.
Pierre Lemaitre has worked for many years as a professor of literature and now writes novels and screenplays. He received awards for Alex and Camille, two books of his most famous trilogy, the one featuring Commandant Camille Verhoeven (Alex, Irene, Camille). Arrived in Australia 7 years after the date of original publication in France (2009) and a few years delay compared to Italy (2012)

All right, I'm convinced.
I'll give BLOOD WEDDING by Pierre Lemaitre a go.


Jonas Jonasson striked again, with his winning mix of commedy and improbable characters. First we got the story of the century-old man who fled from the nursing home, then came the story of a South African illiterate who came to send a nuclear bomb to Sweden. Now we heve got the insane story of a concierge, a priest and an gangster. HITMAN ANDERS AND THE MEANING OF IT ALL published by HarperCollins Australia, is Jonas Jonasson's latest hilarous novel.

A boat that rocks alone in front of the green island. No one would notice that under the mild ripples lurk deep and dark waters. In THE MISSING by Caroline Eriksson ,that will be published in November 2016 by AmazonCrossing, nothing is what it seems.

The dark tints are once again those typical of Nordic Thriller's locations mixed with a strong psychological component in a successful and winning combination that anticipate a great success. A combination of confusion and panic that keep the reader glued from the very first page, making clear that you will hardly put down THE MISSING before you finish it. It is easy to understand, after just a few chapters, because it has been so successful at the Frankfurt fair, selling in less than a week the rights in 22 countries around the globe.


That northern Europe was fertile ground for writers and thriller novel we knew well. And is from Norway that comes one of the most talented and shocking thriller authors that I have ever read. Samuel Bjørk, pseudonym of the versatile Norwegian artist Frode Sander Øien, continues the series of the special unit of Oslo led by Holger Munch and his talented team of chosen elements, struggling again with a vicious serial killer.  "THE OWL ALWAYS HUNT AT NIGHT" follow the first book of Olger Munch & Mia Kruger series called " I'M TRAVELLING ALONE " that I reviewed here.


It's always a pain to start a new week after a long weekend and that's why I'm here. To tell you about my latest read and keep you company on the bus, on the train or while enjoying a cappuccino .
Today I want to talk you about "I'M TRAVELLING ALONE " published by RandomHouse Australia and written by the Norwegian Samuel Bjørk .


While on the other side of the globe spring starts to warm up the air, here in Australia this morning I woke up with a scent of winter in the air. In Brisbane mornings and nights are getting cooler and I have not missed the chance to open all the windows, get me a cup of tea and wear my very first jumper of the season! Now that I am confortable and happy sipping tea, I want to tell you about my last reading.  I'm talking about BLACK-EYED SUSANS by Julie Heaberling published by Penguin Books Australia.

REVIEW: THE TRAP by Melanie Raabe

The review I am posting this week is special because it concerns a book I have long awaited and that I was dying for to read. I'm talking about THE TRAP by Melanie Raabe published here in Australia by Text Publishing on the 28 of March 2016. I also have to thank the lovely Stephanie from Text Publishing for my beloved copy.

A thriller in a thriller, that's what THE TRAP is...