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8 Spotify books inspired playlists

Hey everyone!

Today I want to talk about Playlist inspired by books.
Lately there is an increasing trend that see bestselling book's author sharing on their websitemusic playlists inspired by their own books or users and readers all around the word creating the perfect mix for the book they love.
Spotify is one of the main platform dedicated to music which allowed users to create their own playlist with nearly every song ever played. Once you create an account you can gain access to an enormous amount of playlist dedicated to authors or specific books.

In this post I want to collect some of the most famous playlist available and some of my favorite.

Sarah J. Maas

Sarah J Maas is the New Yourk Time bestseller author of YA series The Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses, and she is also very active creating playlists inspired by her book.
On her web site here Sarah explain how important music is for her creative process .

One of the questions that I’m frequently asked is how I go about planning my novels (and what inspires me to write them). The answer is pretty simple: music.”
”Ever since I began writing as a teenager, I’ve used music to outline my novels.
— Sarah J.Maas

And so she decided to share her personal playlist as well as individual and community-driven mix inspired to her books. You can also follow her on Spotify!


Harumi Murakami

 Haruki Murakami Spotify Playlist is a playlist created by users which included songs mentioned in Murakami’s novels South of the Border, West of the Sun, Norwegian Wood and 1Q84. In the 1Q84 Murakami’s affection for the Czech composer, Leoš Janáček is reveiled so this playlist contains the composer’s complete Sinfonietta.

Coleen Hoover

Some just share their favorite song, some others, like Coleen Hoover, create the perfect soundtrack for her book from scratch....and sell them . Maybe Someday by Hoover is Griffin Peterson's inspiration for this 8 track mix that you can buy on iTunes or Google Play .

Patti Smith Memoir Playlist

In her memoir, Just Kids, rock star Patti Smith tells stories about enough songs and musicians to fill an entire record collection.
Spotify user Beth Miller has created a mind-boggling 10-hour long Spotify playlist linking to the music mentioned in Smith’s National Book Award-winning memoir. It’s the perfect way to read the book and prepare for the upcoming film adaptation.

Rainbow Rowell

The YA writer of Eleanor&Park, Attachments and Fangirl share with her fan a HUGE number of songs and videos on Youtube inpired by her books. For Eleanor&Park she create a separate mix for each character "Because of 1986" ,she said that you can listen, of course, on Spotify.
Click here to see the page on Rowell's website with all the playlists.

Deborah Harkness

As well as Sarah J.Mass and Rowell, also Deborah Harkness write with music and she decided to share on her web site the mixtape wich ispired The Book of Life.
She doesn't just make a list of songs , she create a list that actualy follow the book order, so they essentially “follow the plot” of the story. As a result, there may be spoilers for those of you who haven’t read it yet. You can find the list here on her blog.
The playlist is available on Spotify , click here to listen

Gayle Forman

Music. It’s such a huge part of If I Stay. It’s what brings Mia and Adam together. There are a ton of songs in the book, some indie rock, some classical a bit of everything.
On Gayle's website you can find the list of all the song taken from the book and inspire by.
They are not on a mix on Spotify but just as a list with a link to connect you with Amazon.

Gillian Flyn

If you don't know how she is, well, ouch! The author of Gone Girl , Gillian Flyn, has a treat for her devoted fans: a playlists for Nick and Amy Dunne, the couple at the centre of the twisted story .
The playlists are two, one for Nick and one for Amy and you can find both on Spotify on Popsugar profile.


This is all for now.
I hope you like this post and you had fun listening to this playlists.
If there is any other nice one I missed please let me know leaving a comment down here and I 'll add it to the list.






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