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(Quercus Books)


Hello everybody, today I want to talk about my latest read: WHAT SHE NEVER TOLD ME by Kate McQuaile that has been published in Australia by Quercus Books.
This was a light, emotional and really enjoyable read with some parts that in my opinion required to be a little bit better developed.

We follow Louise Redmond during her journey to Ireland to watch after her dying mother , Marjorie. Louise never met her father and her mother always refused to talk about him. While for most of the people this won't be a problem or won't influence the present, not knowing her father is slowly destroying Loiuse state of mind and life. After Marjorie's death, Louise starts to travel between UK and Ireland, digging in her past and revealing secrets that is better to keep hidden.

This was an intense and emotional family mistery that cover the themes of motherhood, grief, family secrets and the power of the truth.
A book about Ireland is for me always a good book as long as I can feel the essence of that magic land irradiate trough the pages. Something that Kate McQuaile (born irish) was able to do in this book where her love for Ireland stand out.
The story was told very well in my opinion, I was really interested in Louise life and the wreckage of her wedding really make me suffer with her. Despite being an important part of Louise state of mind, the constant ons and offs of the couple at some point were distracting me from the mystery itself. I was expecting Louise to react and move on after a while, to became stronger and not to forgive an unforgivable betrayal but apparently me and McQuaile have different views of how a marriage should be. Still, it was touching. You will find yourself feeling sad at the many lies that fill Louise life.

The plotting and the twisting were really good, the author leave pieces along the track but I am sure you won't (and I wasn't) able to solve the mystery until the very end, that by the way, was unexpected. Particularly relevant is Louise relationship with her mom. Marjorie is depicted as a strong independent woman that somehow cast her shade on a teenager daughter who grown up with the need to became something different, a separate entity away from a mother too present and at the same time, too detached from her. Very complex and very well told.

What I did not like, and the reason why I gave 3 stars even if it was a really enjoyable book, is that some pivotal and complex parts of the book, the end mostly, was resolved too easily. Despite being a really good ending that I did not see coming, it was too quick compared to the all the rest. I would have spend a little bit more on this part.

It wasn't the mistery I was expecting but is still an really enjoyable read .

TITLE: What she never told me
AUTHOR: Kate McQuaile
PUBLISHER: Quercus Books (sold by Hachette Australia)
PAGES: 336

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