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REVIEW: THE LONELY by Andrew Michael Hurley


THE LONEY by Andrew Michael Hurley

RATING: 2.5/5

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Sometimes I try to step out my comfort reading zone and try something new. This is why I bought THE LONEY by Andrew Michael Hurley, convinced by the praise of Stephen King on the cover .
I expected a horror/thriller, something that would make me want to keep reading all night long, but unfortunately , it didn't happened. To be honest I am not even sure I really understand The Loney .
The Loney follows a devoutly religious group as they make pilgrimage to the Loney on the Northern English coastline , which the group believe has holy powers to heal the mentally disabled Andrew – known as Hanny – who travels with them. The story is told by Smith, Hanny’s older brother , years later the last pilgrimage to the Loney and recall the events happened on their last retreat.

The Loney was many things. Gloomy, grim and dark. It is a mix between religious fanaticism, superstitions and folklore , all seen through the eyes of a kid.

I liked the descriptions and dialogs were really good. There is no doubt the descriptions of the countryside are very well made, but I have some problems to create an opinion on the story itself. The feeling that I had was to be kept always on the edge of something, in a constant expectation of more that never happened, never really explained anyway. It's all impressions, and feelings, and atmospheres. I really appreciated the ability of create something like this without anything actually happening.

The characters are another point, the only one standing out was my favourite, the parish priest Father Bernard. Father Bernard is in neat contraposition to the group. While he is very well described and defined, none of the others are. And I liked it, because it's like an intentions to bled them all in a ball of religious madness and believing. A contraposition between real fait and fanaticism. I felt real distaste for Hanny and Smith's mother. Such a petty person, you will see!

Unfortunately, the story it self was not gripping or involving , except for some good scene, you have to go until the end if you really want something to happen.Despite all the good reviews and the hight average score on Goodreds, I fail to find out why is so popular. It was creepy but not as expected and left much unexplained, which didn't suits me very well.

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