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THE ICE TWINS by S.K.Tremayne


( Harper Collins | Amazon)

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Greetings! Today I want to talk about one of the best books of 2015 and one of my all time favorite. "The Ice Twins" by S.K.Tremayne published by Harper Collins . Intrigued by the hype that was around this novel I decided to read the book . The day after, at dawn , I was still awake,  curled up in my bed (and totally terrified) . The Ice twins is a publishing event, debut novel of the english writer, and mother of two twin girls, S.K.Tremayne. 

In the midst of the breathtaking Inner Hebrides, in the island of Torran among “nothing but air, stone, sky, glass, salt, rock and sea“, Sarah and Angus with their daughter try to start over, leaving behind the pain of a destoyed life . Of their  Ice Twins, Lydia and Kirstie “born in the coldest day of the year, with eyes as blue as the ice and snow-white hair“, only one is still alive: Kirstie. As two peas in a pot , impossible to be distinguished , one is extrovert and the other quite. Everything seems to be going well after the tragic death of Lydia and Angus layoff. They inherited a tiny  island on the north-west coast of Scotland and are finally ready to break free from the hustle of London and to run from a house full of painful memories , to shake off the past and finally move on. Like a stone thrown on the still surface of a pond, the ice cold statement of  KirstieMom, why do you keep calling Kirstie, I’m Lydia, it was Kirstie the one who die” unsettle the family , insinuating in  Sarah a terrible doubt.

And so we falls into a spiral of  madness, confusion and unrest are growing stronger giving you a perfectly credible context in which the exchange of identity seems entirely plausible. The conviction of Kristie to be her dead sister, brings back Sarah to those days . sucked here back into the pain of the loss . But she stand still and determined to move forward and so she start to analise every details of of that tragic day : which twin is dead? Do they buried Kirstie but grief Lydia? What’s more, the marriage with Angus, already unstable, sinks deeper and deeper , and chapter after chapter crumbles piece by piece poisoned by grief and suspicionwhile their fragile and beautiful little girl , with those big sad eyes is increasingly remote. In this gloomy atmosphere of physical and psychological isolation, in the cold winter weather of Scotland and influenced by local folklore, in  the ‘Island of Thunders” the veil between what we want to believe and what we see instead is getting thinner. A storm knocks down one evening on the coast and Sarah finds herself alone with her frail child, alone on an island in the sea, alone to facea daughter that perhaps is going crazy. Or maybe not?

Creepy and unsettling novel . It  kept me awake all night in a crescendo of suspense , with scattered clues and fragmented memories.

A MUST read!



My heart starts to gallop. On the note a childish handwrite : For mummy. For some reason my fingers shakes , as I open the paper and read the message. Now even my heart is trembling . Mom, she is here with us. Kirstie.