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I needed two days to collect my feelings and thoughts about my last reading: The Gracekeeper written by Kirsty Logan, published by Harvill Secker in 2015. I don't even know where to start. This book was a blast. Just after a few pages Logan style caught me and I was lost in her waterword, I smell the salt in the wind and heard the swush of waves on the boats. This book is one of those kind of books that I do not simply like or love, is all of this thing and even more.  Kirsty Logan manage to piant a gourgeous and colorful setting.

The story is set in an post-apocalictic word where all the land sank and now, only a few precius and holly achipelagos are scattered on the ocen's surface. Here population have split in two, those who live on land , the landlockers and those who live on boats wandering the sea, the dumplings. This story is about a girl, North , a bear girl in the Excaliburg floating Circus, born and raised on the sea. One night after the show, the circus sailed toward the next venue but, caught in to a storm , one of the crew members died. The circus seek the help of a Gracekeeper, Callanish, the other main character of our story. She is a landlocker who live isolated in her tiny island in the middle of the ocean and take care of the Graces. She is the one who perform the burial rites for all those dead on the water, sinking the corpes under the sea and placing a cage with the Grace on top of the corps and who lifespan is linked to the mournig period for the dead. Callanish and North don't know each other but as soon as they met they feel a link , a connection from which a series of unexpected event will happen, untill....

“We don’t belong anywhere, because we can belong everywhere.”
— The Gracekeepers by Kirsty Logan

This novel is highly compelling mix of fiction and fantasy, even if magic is not involved at all. Logan style is impressing. She is a master with words and her descriptions are so vivid and her prose so crispy that every single page , every single line make my delve in to her word even more. Her style recals the one of old style fairy tailes , short sentences which gives life to a magic and fashinating world where trees are holly, damplings are despise by landlokers and old and majestic cities are buriend under the water. I couldn't say none but good things on Logan writings. Few characters, strong and very well defined . North and Callanish are the main two, impossible not to be involved and touched by their stories. I loved North strengh and optimist and Callanish's sad story and melancony.

One of the best books I read in the last years and absolutely one of my new favourite of all time.An enchanting and captivating book with a hint of fantasy and a lot of beautiful words.