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REVIEW; SLADE HOUSE by David Mitchell


SLADE HOUSE by David Mitchell


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I am a fan of Mitchell work, just put his name on a book and I am sold . The book is published by RandomHouse just in time for Halloween in a date that is not left to chance. Trust me, this is THE book you want to spend a stormy night with curled up under the covers feeling the chills through the spine. Definitely one of the best spooky stories of my all life. After reading online enthusiastic reviews about “Slade House” I had really high expectations and I am pleased to say, I wasn’t disappointed. This book is great as it look. As Mitchell’s signature, “Slade House” is full of details that recall his previous novels. In this case, is set on the same world of “The Bone Clocks” . On the track of “The Bone Clocks”  it falls in the category of fantasy, but on the league of Gaiman’s and King’s novels, Mitchell create a gothic, thrilling, horror atmosphere of hunted house and paranormal presence. He succeed once more to create an eccentric and bizarre world.

You start this book been pushed straight to a story that seems to be already started, but soon after the initial confusion is vanished, you start sensing that something is wrong. Trough a tiny black iron door in the narrow Slade Alley, you enter a blooming garden with a house on the top of the hill: Slade House. You will end up in Slade House more than once, in a period of time spanning through 1979 to 2015, always on the last saturday of October . Every nine years a guest is lured to the House. They are all special and selected by our hosts, the Grayson’s twins Norah and Jonah. We will follow the stories of the 5 guests, some incredibly funny and witty as Nathan ( I love him!). Every time you see a new character entering Slade House, you couldn’t help but feel anxious for the inevitable fate awaiting the new “victim” .

Each character is linked to the previous one, they are all well-defined and the narration, even if follows the same patter for each, is very well differentiated. The prose is involving and fast paced and I had a hard time trying to life my life while reading this book because it was impossible to put down. It may sound cliché but is absolute truth.

This book is quite small and it could easily be read in one sitting. I loved every Mitchell novel. “Slade House” is far from the complexity of Cloud Atlas, but still, the ability to manage the stories of  multiple characters without neglecting none  remain his strength. I give this book 4 stars instead of 5 because despite been a really good book, I din’t like much to nearly  guess the conclusion of the story because I red “The Bone Clocks” first. It’s tricky though, but at the end , the conclusion is not  granted and as a reader I am more than happy with it.

I read it on my kindle as digital ARC kindly sent to me by RandomHouse, but I am sure I’ll buy the hardback edition because it is a book I’ll read for sure again next Halloween . The publication date is quite significant, the 27th of October, just in time to set things read for the last Saturday of October.