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MISSING, PRESUMED by Susie Steiner

The Borough Press


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Hello everybody,

today is #REVIEWWEDNESDAY and I am here to talk about my latest read : MISSING PRESUMED by Susie Steiner. This book is published in Australia by The Borough Press ( an Harper Collins inprint, that I would also like to thank for my copy) and is a crime novel of 404 pages.

talk about the disappearence of the beautiful and rich Cambridge student Edith Hind from her appartment under suspicious circumstances. The door left ajar, all the coats on the floor, a broken glass of wine and droplets of blood. The case is assigned to Detective Sergeant Manon Bradshaw, whos personal life is incredibly messed up, constantly jumping between online dating and depression after the latest brakage. For DS Bradshaw the hunt for Edith Hind might be the caree-defining case  she has been waiting for.  After 72 h missing,  DS Bradshaw starts to bring to light disturbing facts of Hinds lifes that will start a chain of event that will lead to an expected conclusion and to hard times for the rich and perfect family.

As you may presume by the rate (3/5) this book is not one of the best I read. It lack of suspence and all the characteristics of a tipical crime novel.The story is more focused on DS Bradshaw and her life that on the case itself. I loved Manon, I belive she is one of my favourite female cops in literature because she is more real that all the other super cops you can find .  She is alone, messed up, depressed and she hasn't time to live her life because she is constantly working. I liked to read about her but this is not the book I was expecting. Edith Hind disappearence is at the very beginning of the story and then is left on the background of the narration. Is not the core of the book, but, instead, is the start. Edith disappearence will start a series of event that will completely destroy her family and change DS Bradshaw life, for ever. Which is ok, though, if not that I was expecting for something more involving, gripping and exciting. The book is actually quite slow in some parts, mostly when Steiner explore the depth of her characters lifes and redundant.

Generally speaking is a book well written, I really enjoy the time spent reading it, but I have to rate it 3 because of my personal tastes. I was disapointed by the story itself.  What I really like, though, were the investigations and the cops. All of them felt real people to me, real problems and real tireness because of long hours at work.

All in all is a book that you might like if you like cops investigations storie and you are looking for a well written realistic story with an unpredictable end.

See you next week!


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