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LIE WITH ME by Sabine Durrant

LIE WITH ME by Sabine Durrant

How easy is sometimes to use the word unputdownable to describe a book? I mean, is that even a real world? LIE WITH ME is the new novel by Sabine Durrant that everyone was raving about last summer when it was published by Mulholland Books . A claustrophobic domestic suspense with twists, turns, and unreliable narration that fell so well in place that I can't help but use the word unputdownable myself.


A few little lies never hurt anyone. Right? Wrong.
A once famous writer, Paul has run out of money. Forced to go back to leave with his mother, he feels like is life is going down the drain. Pathetic and desperate to pretend a lifestyle that is never been really his, he lies when one day casually comes across a former Cambridge fellow that is now a rich and well-established lawyer in London. Ashamed of his condition and committed to a better future no matter what, it starts hiding or exaggerating a few things here and there.
While Paule lies outrageously about his life until he finds himself invited to spend the summer at the family Greek house, where he starts to sense that maybe, the perfect family is not as perfect as it might look. Trapped in the family dramas by the time he starts to realize that however painful the truth is, his lies have caused the real damage... Well, by then, it is just too late.

Ambiguity is what you will sense in every single page, the confusion and the intrigue will make you doubt of every character as if something is not quite right and the truth is just out of reach and distorted but so close that you can feel it.

LIE WITH ME is a part of the amnesia/psychological thriller genre that relies on unreliable characters or some sort of distorted memory necessary to confuse and disorient the reader. What makes it different is that this time we have a man instead of a woman, Paul Morris, 42 years old.
Like every single character in this book, Paul is not a pleasant person: arrogant, lazy, heavy drinker totally broke and self-centered, and we know and we want him to get caught in the net of lies he is waving tight around himself. But we have no idea where they are gonna take him.

Apart from some pretty impressive character development, Sabine Durrant created a clever and morally complex novel that I read in just one night and that is, indeed, impossible to put down.

Simply one of the best-planned suspense I have ever read.



LIE WITH ME by Sabine Durrant
Rating 5/5

Publisher: Mullholand Book
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Pages: 304
Find it here: Amazon | Bookdepository


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