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REVIEW: HIDDEN BODIES by Caroline Kepnes


HIDDEN BODIES by Caroline Kepnes (YOU#2)

RATING : 5/5

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If you are looking for a witty, charismatic and unique thriller look no further because Kepnes's HIDDEN BODIES is the book you want to read.
HB is the follow up of Kepnes's debut YOU but if you have not read yet YOU, you can still read HB because it not leave anything pending. Maybe it would be best to understand who Joe is , but I'm sure you'll have things sorted out in a few pages.

Hidden Bodies follow Joe after You ended, continuing the story of one of the best anti-heroes I ever read. Joe is a librarian of a kind. He is desperately looking for love but unfortunately he has not find it yet. Joe is everything but ordinary. He is a sociopath, a stalker and a cold blood killer, but the last thing you would say reading the book is that he is crazy: he appears like the most normal person, the one who always have a clear mind and, shockingly, he happers to be always right, like if his victims deserves to die. I know is creepy, but I was all the time at Joe's side!

After things with Beck "ended", he finds Amy a girl that is completely different from Beck and it seems like he finally found true love. Or maybe not. When she robs him and disappear taking off to Hollywood, Joe decides he has to find her, they were happy and she destroy everything, how she dare?? She is not so different from Beck at the end...So Joe decided to move to Hollywood which is the last place on hearth you would have choose for someone like him. Here I spend a really good time laughing so hard at all the things he said about Angelenos lifestyle and social media (he joined Facebook AND Tinder!!!). Everything he is doing is to find Amy and get his revenge but in the meanwhile, while Joe's body count climb, he met Love Quinn and suddently his life's perspective change .
Maybe this time he found true love.....

Kepnes is a great writer, is mind blowing thinking that she is ( a woman!) behind Joe thought and behaviors. I’m still amazed of how quickly she can make me forget the that charming Joe Goldberg is a crazy stalker and a killer. He is witty and with lots of brain, he is a villain with a personality. It's creepy, I know, but she make me feels like Joe was always (somehow) right.

This book is a crazy, dark and unique story with one of the best anti-hero you will ever read about and a couple of creepy twists and heart-pounding scenes. Kepnes style is stinging and outspoken. I usually hate everything that include cheesy love stories but here, Joe's sentimentalism mixed with erotism and blind sadism changed everything.

Definitely an highly recommended book.
(I suggest to read You first but you can also go for Hidden Bodies without problems.)

TITLE : Hidden Bodies ( YOU#2)
AUTHOR: Caroline Kepnes
PUBLISHER: Simon& Schuster Australia and UK - Atria USA
GENRE: Thriller
PAGES: 400
PUBLICATION DATE: 23 February 2016

I would like to thank Simon&Schuster Australia for my copy.

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