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REVIEW: FIND HER by Lisa Gardner

FIND HER by Lisa Gardner

RATING: 4/5  



Hi everyone,
today I want to share with you my opinion about FIND HER by Lisa Gardner. Before to start, I have to thank Hachette Australia for my copy and the chance to read this book in advance. You guys are the best.

FIND HER is another highly anticipated book release for 2016 that turn to be up to expectations.  After all, I couldn't have expected less from Lisa Gardner, the author of several bestselling thrillers. Fun fact: Gardner's first books, back when she start in 1992, are a romance series.
Find Her is the last add to the Detective D.D. Warren series (8 books).  If you don't know the series , fear nothing, you can still read Find Her without problems. The story is not connected with the others except for, of course, Agent DD Warren that this time, though, have to share the throne with another strong female character, Flora Dane.

After 472 days of abduction, mental and physichal abuse, Flora survived and is finally save back home in her mother's farm in Maine. Except Flora in no more Flora, she had to change in order to survive her ordeal. She move to Boston lead by one goal, she has a scale to balance, hunt all the monster. Flora 2.0 is stronger, faster, fearless and determined. She learn Martials art andknows "11 ways to kill a man with a straw ( 12, if you consider also the envelope)".
One night while "hunting", she is abducted by a man that she only need a look to know he's one of "them". Flora also have her reason to belive he is involved in the disapearence of another girl , Stacey Summer. Eventually Florakills this guy and some how police found he is actually involved in the abduction of at least 2 other girls. Detective Warren starts to investigate on this case and there is no need to say her and Flora don't get along very well. Too similar, too strong. Warrent can't see Flora as a victim but as a vigilante hampering police job. The day after, when Flora is taken by her appartment and disappear, Warren start to belive she might get too close to know the truth on Stacey. And so Flora from the hunter she believes to be, became the prey...

"For survivors everywhere" . Lisa Gardner dedicated this book to all survivors out there and says " Surviving is not a destination, but a journey" and so it is. In her latest novel the ordeal of 26 y Flora Dane is the first thing we read about . The first two pages are one of the many strenght of FIND HER. Here, we read of one of Flora's memories about her captivity and we immediatly are hooked up in a story highly addictive. The all book is a alternation between Flora's memories and Detective Warren investigations and so the book is fast-peaced and engaging. As we met the new Flora whe find out something of her past, and let me know is very , very dark. Gardner did a great job creating Jacob Ness, Flora abductor, thanks to the collaboration with real detectives and FBI victim specialist.
The psychological aspects and the bond that there is between victim and kidnapper is the main theme of Find Her. The way our mind can be empied and riedited unders extrem stress condition can lead to reaction I couldn't believe. And once again, in this book as masterfully exploited to creat a reliastic and terrifyng story.

My opinion in general about this book is really good, I would recommend it to everybody but I also have a complain.
At 50 pages from the end I understand evrything, which I guess is something that at some point can happen but I would prefer it happening toward the very end . The bright side is that I really enjoyed the rush and the adrenaline of last chapters to pick out the unknown subject.
Detective Warren is kind of clichè, Boston police detective, woman in a men's world, a bad ass cop craving for action. Neverthless, she is a good cop, in this case she put aside her prejudice on Flora in order to save her. She kind of remind me of Detective Rizzoli from Gerritsens's book series, that by the way I love!

So this is it guys, read FIND HER if you are looking for a poignant and fast peaced police crime story with a strong phychological component , a very well built plot, dark characters and bad ass female protagonist.




Lisa Gardner - Lisa Gardner Official Website

Lisa Gardner - Lisa Gardner Official Website

TITLE: Find Her
AUTHOR: Lisa Gardner
GENRE: Thriller
PUBLISHER: Headline (
distributed in Australia by HachetteAu )
PAGES: 374 ( paperback)
Find it here: Bookdepository