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REVIEW: Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz


ASHLEY BELL by Dean Koontz


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Well well well, Ashley Bell. Who is Ashley Bell?
When the twenty-two writer Bibi Blair is diagnosed with brain cancer and have only 1 year left of life her answer was " Really? We'll see".

Bibi Blair is the main character of the last book written by Dean Knootz and published here in Australia by HarperCollins Australia. She's kick-ass heroin, witty, imaginative, optimist and valiant. She was not a child who lazed around, her mind always spinning and thinking, always writing stories in her notebook. At 22 she live alone, her boyfriend, Pax, is a Navy SEAL and she is perfectly healthy.  Except for the cancer. She is diagnosed with cancer at the latest stage with only one year left to live. One night a mysterious man with a dog, came in to her room in the hospital and heal her from cancer. Unbelievable and inexplicable as it is, Bibi is in fact, the only person on earth who recovered from glioma celebris. Once back home her parents sent to Bibi a masseur , Calinda, to spoilt her with a massage and have some fun with the art of divination. Bibi is less convinced that I am with this but Calinda gives her an answer. She said Bibi was spared from cancer to save a life. Ashley Bell's life. But who is Ashley Bell? Unfortunately Calinda attracted the attention of the Wrong People on Bibi with this revelations and so, stalked and threatened by Terezin, a vicious psychopath who wants to kill Ashley, Bibi start her quest to find the girl.

560 pages that Koontz packed full of action, in a book were there is not lack of twists until the very last page . I am not gonna make spoilers but if you don't like paranormal thriller don't read Ashley Bell. I liked it exactly because I love fantasy/paranormal and I was favourably surprised by this unexpected turn. The Times said that Koontz is " the master of suspense" and I couldn't agree more.

Since the first page we went on a journey inside Bibi Blair's life which is more than what it looks.  The events are told in a crescendo of suspense. Each time Bibi is closer to discovers who is Ashley Bell , she also unveil something of her childhood that she had decided to forget.

There is not a single page who bored me nor one I wanted to skip. Fast paced and with a kick ass heroine like Bibi who never fails to respond with kicks and punches at each tripping of life. She is a force of nature. Always determined and focused on her quest.
Koontz storytelling is fluid , articulate and easy to read. This book is a page turner but also deceptive , because nothing is as it look and that is also why is so engaging. I skip dinner because I was too hooked up by the story I couldn’t just put the book down to eat!

It was fun, it was involving and also spooky.  5 stars to Koontz and his original thriller.





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