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REVIEW : 13 MINUTES by Sarah Pinborough


13 MINUTES by Sarah Pinborough

RATING : 4/5

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I wasn’t expecting a YA to be so gripping and dark. “13 MINUTES”  went beyond all my expectations. I was quite impressed when tonight I finished it because I wasn’t expecting a such addictive and unputdownable book. If I had to describe it I would say that it is a mix of Mean Girls and Gone Girl. I’ve never read anything by Sarah Pilbrough but I can say that I love her style, after a few pages I was totally hooked up in the story. Dialogues that slip away and fit like a glove with the girls the story. Not too cliche, as sometimes I think when I read YA. Everything was just..real. 

13 MINUTES may be also described as YA psychological thriller but in does not sound like an YA at all. The dynamics of the story are so realistic that it may be as well change the age of the characters and the background, without affect the quality of the story that was very good.

Here everything from the fight, the dramas, seems real and I felt like I was the one living that. Because, let’s face it, is there some girl who has been through what happened to Becca? Don’t we all know a Natasha? At 16 years your whole world is in the corridors of the school and on Facebook. Be invisible or not popular may marks for life.
In this story, what may look like a simple fight between best friends get really serious, Natasha is found almost dead, actually, dead for 13 minutes in the ice cold waters of the river. Pinborough storytelling was excellent. In the first part there is a mystery, Natasha’s lost of memory and the attempt to remember what happened. It make the story enjoyable but nothing special. It is all confused at first, then the story change and in a heart-pounding description, we finally understand what happened that night in the woods.. and BOOM!, a plot twist that made me skip an heartbeat! I was not really able to put the book down until past my bedtime because I have to know, I have to understand why. Pinborough show us that we have also been deceived. Because there is a gap between what appears and what it truly is.

We all lived behind a window where we let people see what we want, but not who we really are . Hypocrisy is the host but the truth always has a habit of coming to the surface. 13 minutes was tense, it was addictive , everything I look in a book.

The psychological tangle it make my blood run cold. Absolutely addictive!

Thanks to NetGalley and Hachette Australia for my copy in exchange of a honest review.


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