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How to Zero Waste in Brisbane

How to Zero Waste in Brisbane

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know that lately I deviated a little bit from my usual topics and focused more on my lifestyle.
Have I stopped reading? Nope, is just that my life is not only made of books. Hence, this post.

One night as I was scrolling uncontrollably on Instagram while in bed I came across a post that said:

Can you live a single day withouth produce any trash?

"Heck yes!" I thought. 5 minutes after I was fast asleep.

The following day I woke up and first thing I remembered was that post. My daily goal was set, I was convinced that live a day without produce any trash was totally achievable. Fast forward to 15 minutes after that first though and there I was, tossing an empty toothpaste tube in the toilet bin. From then a courtain fall I started to realize that I was surrounded by soon-to-be trash ( plastic and single use items) and in case you are wandering no, I did not manage to live a day withouth make trash ( ...I also had my period on that same day, wtf).

This was me 2 months ago. Now, my partner and I, are living a zero waste lifestyle.

I won't explain you here in details what Zero Waste is ( you can listen to Bea Johson and Lauren Singer TEDtalks for more details) . In a nutshell, it means live your life, realistically and in this century, avoiding trash and senting to landfill as little as possible. Recycle is an option when you can't do anything else, but your goal is to not toss anything away. Recycle in fact, cames after refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot ( compost).

There are many reasons why I decided to start this journey. A part for the obvious ecological implications, it was the sudden realization of how lazy we all are, of how much we passivelly accepted and allowed things and others to influence our lifes withouth even realizing. All in the name of " making my life easier" because " I have no time" to take care of it. I yet have to figure it out what  I was actually  investing my precious time...

Does this sound familiar to you?

Despite not beign an expert ( not at all) I decided to create a mini "how to" guid to help you start your zero waste journey in Brisbane, QLD, Australia . There is already a solid community on Instagram ( just serch #zerowastebrisbane ) but I figured that collect all the informations in one place may be  handy for some.

Despite beign specific for the city where I live, I am pretty sure this tips can be applied to any other place in Australia and probably anywheare else in the world. This is not a strict code to follow but more of a guidline to help you when the plastic/packaging panic hits.

In the following weeks I will share with you my how, where and when Zero Waste in Brisbane based on different categories such as food, clothes, beauty, home and time out, or perhaps, you'll share your tips with me.

Are you in?

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