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Sometimes I try to step out my comfort reading zone and try something new. This is why I bought THE LONEY by Andrew Michael Hurley, convinced by the praise of Stephen King on the cover .
I expected a horror/thriller, something that would make me want to keep reading all night long, but unfortunately , it didn't happened. To be honest I am not even sure I really understand The Loney .

am a fan of Mitchell work, just put his name on a book and I am sold . The book is published by RandomHouse just in time for Halloween in a date that is not left to chance. Trust me, this is THE book you want to spend a stormy night with curled up under the covers feeling the chills through the spine. Definitely one of the best spooky stories of my all life. After reading online enthusiastic reviews about “Slade House” I had really high expectations and I am pleased to say, I wasn’t disappointed.