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While mystery surrounds the death of her husband, Fiona Forrest struggles to preserve the family farm in a suspenseful, pacy and action packed novel from the author of Crimson Dawn and Indigo Storm. Fiona Forrest is devastated when her husband Charlie commits suicide after the accidental shooting of his mate, Eddie. Though Fiona decides to keep farming their successful property, rumours that she intends to sell keep circulating. When Detective Dave Burrows arrives to sign off on the investigation into Eddie's death, his suspicions are aroused by some strange anomalies at the scene. As Dave becomes increasingly convinced that something sinister is going on, Fiona finds herself dealing with a series of disasters on the farm...

Today I am very excited to have Fleur McDonald as my guest as part of the blog tour for her latest novel, Sapphire Falls. Libretto Reviews, togheter with many other fellow australian bloggers and websites, will host for sixteen days exclusive contents as guest posts, interviews, reviews and much more to let you guys know more about Fleur's new page turner and exciting new novel.
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Without any further delays I leave the scene to Fleur, the voice of the Outback.


Why Detective Dave Burrows became my favourite character to write…
By Fleur McDonald

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love crime, mystery and forensic science. I’ve said, when asked that my favourite authors are Michael Connelly, John Grisham, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs, Lee Child…. The list goes on.
    It’s probably fair to say my love of mysteries started when my Dad came home from a business trip to Adelaide and brought me the first in the Famous Five series. That story began a life-long love of reading who-dun-it novels. Expanding my love of this type of genre, rarely am I not in front of the TV when Midsommer Murders, Inspector Blake, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries or Lewis comes on the ABC. I pride myself on being able to guess who the ‘baddie’ is!
I became obsessed with the SBS series Bocsh (which of course is Michael Connelly’s main character) and The Firm a continuation of John Grisham’s novel of the same name. Perhaps it’s these types of series which made me decide to use Detective Dave Burrows through out a lot of my books.
    Detective Burrows first made his appearance in Red Dust as a sympathetic and exceptional detective. By the time I’d finished writing that novel, I’d probably fallen in love with him, just a little. He didn’t reappear again until Purple Roads and then he was a very minor character. As I went on, researched detective work in country areas, Dave appeared more and more. Silver Clouds was meant to see him make a big entrance, investigating a drug crime on the Nullabor Plain… However, the editors didn’t like the storyline and, poor Dave was cut from the whole book! I was devastated!
    It’s really important my stories have strong female characters in the forefront because they’re the sort of people I love to write about – they’re people who I feel I know, understand and love the same things as me. So, why give Dave as much ‘air time’ as I do? The answer is really in the first few paragraphs. I simply love crime. I love the way detectives do their jobs, their investigative skills and trying to guess who’s ‘done the crime’. Dave finally got make his big entrance during Emerald Springs. He re-met the love of his life, Kim, had to investigate her niece, Milly and in the end, returned to Barker to claim Kim as his own. I not only now have Dave in my repertoire of return characters, but Kim too. As with everyone, his life has changed throughout these books. In Red Dust he was married to a nurse, had two daughters and lived in Perth. By the time Sapphire Falls comes about, he’s divorced, remarried and living in the small town of Barker. They are both the exact kind to people I would want around me, so I hope you guys enjoy having them around you.  
Now let me tell you a little secret about Dave. There is a real-life Dave – a detective who used to head up the Stock Squad in Perth, before the government handed it over to the Department of Ag to run. The real-life Dave, although I don’t see him much, is always on the end of the phone or email to help me with my plot lines and to tell me what he’d do if he was in Dave Burrows situation. How can I not harness that authenticity and bring it into my books? I don’t think Detective Dave Burrows will be going anywhere, anytime soon!

Sapphire Falls by Fleur McDonald is published by Allen & Unwin, RRP $29.99, available now.
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Fleur McDonald has lived and worked on farms for much of her life. After growing up in the small town of Orroroo in South Australia, she went jillarooing, and co-owned an 8000-acre property in regional Western Australia. Fleur likes to write about strong women overcoming adversity, drawing inspiration from her own experiences in rural Australia. She is the best-selling author of Red Dust, Blue Skies, Purple Roads, Silver Clouds, Crimson Dawn, Emerald Springs and Indigo Storm. Fleur lives in Esperance, WA with her partner, two children and two dogs who keep her company while she writes.

Twitter: @fleurmcdonald


A very special thanks to Fleur for this very insigtfull guets-post about Detective Burrows .
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