My name is Erica and I started writing on Libretto Reviews in 2015 to share my great love for books with the world. Daughter of a reader I developed (togheter with a bad myopia) my immeasurable love for fantasy literature. I've spent almost my entire life on the rolling hills of Ireland to discover the ancient myths and legends, among the high towers of Tar Valon and in the shadow of the walls of Minas Tirith until the gene for "mystery" of maternal inheritance awake and with it a piquant taste for old detective novels and the charm of logical deduction.

In the same year in which I started writing on my blog I left Italy for Australia together with my partner for what was supposed to be a year long adventure but which has lasted until today, here in the sunny state of Queensland.

Since 2018 the blog no longer hosts only my comments and suggestions for readers but also my path towards the rediscovery of a simple and eco-sustainable lifestyle. It all started with a TEDtalk. To speak was Bea Johnson, founder of the Zero Waste movement who lives in California with her husband and two children of voluntary simplicity, producing very little waste. To my surprise, Bea was not only not a hippie living in a van wearing mismatched clothes ( sorry, this and how I've always imagined people actively involved in environmental issues) but also a professional with a full-time job that has found a way to live waste-free without depart from life in the twenty-first century. After her I discovered Lauren, blogger from Trash is for Tossers , a college student who was inspired by Bea and took the movement to a new level, living Zero Waste in New York City.

For me it was a revelation and I realized that keep going with my busy life with a full-time job and at the same time doing something for the planet was possible, simple, stimulating and also honestly sexy and empowering.

And so I decided to use my blog as a way to share not only my life as a reader but also document my journey towards a new lifestyle in the hope of inspiring others to regain control over their choices and to rediscover simplicity.